Introduction to ENVSonic Ultrasonic MGPS: Revolutionizing Marine Biofouling Prevention

The Importance of Biofouling Prevention in Marine Vessels

Biofouling poses a significant challenge to the efficient and cost-effective operation of marine vessels. To combat this issue, ENVSonic Ultrasonic Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS) offers a highly effective solution for preventing biofouling on sea chests, hulls, submerged structures, raw water piping, box coolers, and more.

Addressing the Problem: Biofouling and Consumption

Biofouling-induced fuel consumption results in significant environmental and financial costs for vessel operators. With billions of dollars lost due to increased fuel consumption caused by biofouling, it becomes crucial to consider ultrasonic solutions as a viable and sustainable option.

The Ultrasonic Solution: A Clean, Green Approach

ENVSonic’s ultrasonic technology provides a clean and green alternative to traditional anti-fouling methods. By harnessing the power of acoustic energy, it reduces the need for toxic chemicals and heavy metals, ensuring a safer and more environmentally friendly approach to biofouling prevention in the marine sector.

By incorporating ENVSonic Ultrasonic MGPS, vessel operators can safeguard their investments, reduce maintenance costs, enhance vessel performance, and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable maritime environment. Join the marine industry’s evolution in biofouling prevention and discover the power of ENVSonic today.


Simple Installation, Powerful Results

ENVSonic’s installation process is straightforward and does not require docking or downtime. Transducers are easily installed inboard using a two-part epoxy and mounting footprints. The system can be integrated alongside other bio-fouling prevention systems for added protection, making ultrasonic anti-fouling a standard practice in the marine sector.

The ENVSonic ENVS5-300: A Powerful Solution

The ENVSonic ENVS5-300 represents the latest advancement in marine growth prevention technology. Designed to handle various industrial ultrasonic biofouling prevention needs, this system boasts remote monitoring and control, scalability, and impressive power, cementing its place as the future of MGPS technology.

Ultrasonic Antifouling Marine Applications Overview

Cooling Systems: Critical to Vessel Integrity

Cooling systems, including box coolers, sea chests, sea strainers, and raw seawater piping, play a crucial role in maintaining vessel functionality and integrity. ENVSonic ensures that these systems maintain optimal cooling efficiency, capacity, and flow rates, reducing the risk of costly failures and damages caused by biofouling-related issues and blockages.

Box Coolers and Sea Chests: Keeping Cooling Efficiency Intact

Box coolers and sea chests are particularly prone to biofouling due to constant seawater flow. Without proper prevention methods, these critical components quickly become fouled with algae and barnacles, impacting cooling capacity and flow rates. ENVSonic MGPS utilizes ultrasonic energy to prevent biofouling, ensuring the efficiency and longevity of box coolers and sea chests.

Preventing Fouling in Sea Strainers and Pipework

Raw seawater used in various vessel functions flows through sea strainers, pipework, and heat exchangers, making them susceptible to biofouling. Even minor fouling in these systems can reduce cooling efficiency and flow rates, potentially leading to critical issues. ENVSonic strategically places ultrasonic transducers to prevent growth on surfaces, ensuring smooth operation and preventing damage.

Hull and Propeller Protection: Enhancing Vessel Performance

Biofouling on hulls and propellers can lead to increased fuel consumption, emissions, and environmental impact. ENVSonic’s ultrasonic anti-fouling technology provides a comprehensive solution to maintain the hydrodynamic efficiency of the hull, propellers, and shafts, ensuring vessel performance remains at its peak.

Discover the Versatility of Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling Technology

Beyond its exceptional marine applications, our Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling technology offers a multitude of uses across various industries. Leveraging the power of ultrasonics, this advanced technology excels in micro-organism destruction, sterilization, silt and settlement prevention, algae control, and much more. Explore some of the other diverse applications below:

1. Raw Water Piping (Fresh / Salt, Land / Sea): Whether it’s in onshore or offshore settings, our Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling technology ensures efficient and uninterrupted flow by preventing fouling and blockages in raw water piping systems.

2. Aquaculture: Maintaining clean and healthy environments for aquaculture operations is vital. Our technology helps prevent biofouling in fish farms, ensuring optimal conditions for aquatic life.

3. Heat Exchangers: Enhance the performance and longevity of heat exchangers with our Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling solution, reducing maintenance and downtime caused by fouling.

4. Descaling Pipe and Reverse Osmosis Systems: Say goodbye to scaling and mineral deposits in pipes and reverse osmosis systems, as our technology effectively removes and prevents such issues.

5. HVAC Chiller / Cooling Tower (Prevention of Algae and Legionella): Keep cooling towers and chillers free from algae and harmful Legionella bacteria with our innovative ultrasonic approach.

6. Pumping Stations: Prevent clogging and fouling in pumping stations, ensuring consistent and reliable water flow with minimal maintenance.

7. Valves and Strainers: Maintain the efficiency of valves and strainers by using our Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling technology to prevent fouling buildup.

8. Water Storage Tanks and Reservoirs: Keep water storage facilities clean and free from biofouling, ensuring the quality and safety of stored water.

9. General Algal Control (Bodies of Water, Tanks, and More): Combat algae growth in various settings, from natural bodies of water to tanks and industrial facilities.

11. Food Production (Silt / Scale Prevention in Pipes, etc.): In food processing facilities, our technology helps prevent silt and scale buildup in pipes, ensuring a safe and efficient production process.

The versatility of our Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling technology makes it a go-to solution for numerous industries seeking effective and eco-friendly ways to combat fouling, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs. Embrace the power of ultrasonics for your unique application and experience the benefits firsthand.

How does it work?

Understanding the Science behind ENVSonic

ENVSonic works by emitting carefully targeted bursts of ultrasonic energy into the protected structures. These bursts generate microscopic bubbles through non-inertial cavitation, offering protection within the water column. Ultrasonic acoustic disintegration of algae and bacteria disrupts their cell walls, preventing continued colonization and growth.

Proven Effectiveness: Studies and Research

Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of ultrasonic antifouling on boat hulls, propellers, and submerged structures. From commercial ships to small recreational boats, ultrasonic anti-fouling has consistently shown its ability to reduce fouling, leading to improved fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements.