Welcome To Globatech Australia

Globatech Australia focusses on providing technological innovation through advanced development and in house manufacturing with a focus on Environmental technology for Marine, Industry, Oil and Gas & Engineering Sectors

Cooling Tower Algal Control Solution

Zero Chemical algal control with our H2oBioSonic MGPS Ultrasonic System for large scale HVAC. Prooven environmentally friendly solution to control algae & prevent legionella.

Clean Flush Soak - CFS

Redefining the standards for descaling in industries from Oil and Gas to Marine and Engineering. Advanced corrosion inhibited powerful descaling agent.

Marine Ultrasonic Antifoul

Globatech Australia’s CleanAHull is the worlds leading Marine Ultrasonic Antifouling System. With rave reviews and over 10 years of sales and development it is the benchmark for Ultrasonics in the industry. Environmentally Friendly and Australian Made.

“We work towards developing innovative products that simplify usability while providing more advanced technology with an environmental edge for many industries including Oil & Gas, Marine, HVAC to name a few.”

Says Joshua David CEO - Globatech Australia


We take a product/problem in industry and re-define how it is approached, developing a product or solution that completes the task safer, simpler and more environmentally friendly.

Australian Made

Australia is well known for our innovation, quality manufacturing. Along with our beautiful beaches of course. Globatech Australia thives on our ability to innovate and produce quality products.

Multiple Industries

Many of the Globatech Products span multiple industries with applications that are vast. Oil & Gas, Marine, HVAC, Industrial, Engineering, Water Storage, Algal Control and many more.


Globatech Australia has an impressuve manufacturing process with the majority being controlled in house in Australia. Allowing us to control the quality of our products at all times.

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Get in contact with Globatech Australia and discuss our products, how they can help you and your industry or perhaps let us know how we can re-define the problems you face in your industry with an innovative, environmentally friendly quality tech product or solution.