The CleanAHull Ultrasonic Antifouling system maintains a hull clear of algae and barnacles. Improving performance and fuel efficiency.

How It Works

The Ultrasonic sound waves emitted through the hull or structure create an environment of microscopic cavitation bubbles. These bubbles cause a very unique environment  in the immediate vicinity of the hull or structure when the microscopic bubbles implode, splitting the sidewall of single cell microscopic organisms such as algae. The cavitation has the added benefit of a scrubbing effect helping keep the hull clean. The removal of the initial algae growth inhibits the food chain for further growth of barnacles and other marine life that feed on the algae, effectively producing an 

Cavitation Effect Explained 

Leading the Ultrasonic Bio-Fouling Tech Industry

The CleanaHull Ultrasonic Antifouling protection system utilises industry leading technology and the latest in-house developed transducer technology. By emitting multiple very specific frequency bursts through a vast range of frequencies the system protects the hull from algal growth and barnacles.

In-house Development

The CleanAHull Ultrasonic Antifouling System comes from years of development and a huge investment into the technology by Globatech Australia. By working with some of the worlds premier vessel manufacturers, testing through a variety of scenarios, locations and installation configurations (Sea Water Piping, Strainers, Hulls, Drive units, Thrusters, Props, Structures, Rudders and more) we have created the best and most diverse Ultrasonic Bio-Fouling prevention system in the world. We utilise our own advanced algorithm that provides the highest level of protection possible. We also developed our !BLAST! function for added protection in some of the more harsh environments and installation configurations

CleanAHull Simple Transducer Installation Demonstration

Installation of the Ultrasonic system is very simple. This video here shows the process of installing a transducer on a GRP Fibreglass hull.

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