Clean Flush Soak

CFS - Clean Flush SoakCFS – Clean Flush Soak is a range of Australian made products for Cleaning, Flushing and Soaking parts and systems for the removal of lime, rust, calcium, mineral deposits, uric scale, clogs, blockages and much more. For use in industries from Marine to Food and Beverage production to the descaling and cleaning of HVAC systems. Developed by Globatech Australia the CFS brand is a fast growing industry benchmark in Descaling and Cleaning solutions.

“Clean Flush Soak is yet another example of how we at Globatech Australia can take existing industry products and systems and re-design them and improve on them. Through tireless effort in the lab we have been able to produce a descaling agent for use in industry that not only performs better than our competitors products but does so while being actively corrosion inhibited. Removing what you don’t want and leaving the metal healthy.” says Joshua David Globatech Australia CEO.

CFS Product Range