CFS Product Range

 CFS – Descaler Advanced Concentrate | Descales Calcium, Lime, Rust, Minerals & Marine Growth

CFS – Descaler is a safe bio-degradable calcium, lime, rust, mineral and marine growth and descaling agent. Suitable for use as a safe fast and effective alternative to mechanical cleaning of equipment where scaling is and issue. For use in Engines, fresh and seawater cooling systems, strainers, all heat exchangers, water makers, pumps, piping, parts and anywhere requiring mineral, rust or lime descaling.

CFS – Descaler can be safely recirculated through fresh and sea water cooling systems, dissolving barnacles, zebra mussels, calcium, rust, lime and all other mineral deposits. Most applications can be cleaned and descaled within 4 hours!

 CFS – Toilet Flush | Cleans & Flushes Marine & RV Toilet Systems

CFS – Toilet Flush is a safe bio-degradable product developed to remove uric scale and calcium from black water systems. CFS – Toilet Flush adds life to your boat’s sanitation system and can clean and clear the system from the toilet to the tank without having to remove hoses. Dissolves clogs which can cause odours and poor flushing performance.

Recommended for the effective removal of uric acid scale and buildup from black water systems. The dissolving of clogs which cause plumbing to overflow and create nasty odours.